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Benefits of Private Pay

Unlike insurance-approved therapy where care is driven by reimbursement or time-bound needs, I provide private therapy that is dictated solely by what is best for the client. 


Sessions are based on the frequency and duration that are most beneficial for client progress rather than what is best for reimbursement

No Denials

You may have been denied services but know that something in not quite right or that you or your child need additional support

Concierge Service

I come to your desired location, bring all materials or use the materials you already have and have a wide range of treatment hours to fit your scheduling needs

Immediate Care

Access to therapy without a long approval process, avoiding excess doctors appointments, referrals and can be used to complement covered services 

Cost Transparency

All costs are laid out upfront with no hidden fees, co-pays, or premiums

Superbill Available

I  am an out-of-network provider and can provide a superbill upon request for out-of-network reimbursement following payment in full

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