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Dr. Cheri Raikin

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I am a occupational therapist with over a decade of experience and a post-professional doctorate. I am licensed in NY, NJ, and PA. I have worked with clients across the age span from 0-110 but I focus on ages 0-40 with three distinct treatment areas in Pediatrics, Adults, and Parents/Professionals.

My passion for Occupational Therapy (OT) stems from my deep desire to help people connect with the world around them. When I was in 2nd grade, I taught myself finger-spelling- American Sign Language in order to better communicate with a classmate with hearing loss. When deciding amongst the various therapy disciplines, OT stood out to me because OT focused on a client's engagement with their occupations defined as the activities necessary for daily life. As an OT, I have developed some of the skills of the other therapy areas and weave them with my specialized OT skills into a cohesive, holistic therapy approach for any challenges my clients face.   

I started my own practice because after working in schools, homes, sensory gyms, and hospitals I felt that people were not getting the holistic care they needed. Services were limited to the specific setting through which therapy was provided. For example, school based therapy only addressed educational needs and hospital therapy was centered around medical rehabilitation. I was increasingly frustrated because clients' struggles spilled over into so many other aspects of their lives that I knew I could help with. Now, I help my clients face challenges in every setting, major or minor. I coach families to improve the family dynamic, guide schools and camps to create supportive environments, and tailor therapy to address any of life's challenges.

I follow evidence-based practice and utilize the latest research to find the best plan of care for each client. I strongly believe that development is cyclical and sequential, meaning that I meet each client at their current level and then help them progress through each focus area again and again as the demands are raised. By working closely with the client's family, friends and educational setting, I can ensure that services match the client's specific goals and interests.  

Unlike therapy through insurance where care is driven by reimbursement or time-bound needs, I provide private therapy that is dictated solely by what is best for the client. Therapy may begin on a one-on-one basis and then transition to therapy with peers in a group setting as the client's skillset develops. Sessions may be front-loaded at the beginning and then decrease over time as the client learns to better manage the challenges they face.


B.S.O.S. (Bachelor Of Science in Occupational Science)

M.S.O.T. (Master Of Science in Occupational Therapy)

P.P.O.T.D (Post-Professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy)

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